Flexible Flyer

The Flexible Flyer name itself evokes fond memories for many. Millions of people grew up using this iconic sled and many more continue to do so to this day. The design has not changed over the years, with its natural looking wood finish and red painted runners, making the Flexible Flyer an easily recognizable classic sled.

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Flexible Flyer 26" Saucer

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Flexible Flyer 60"

The PT Blaster is a racer sled that has full steering capabilities and
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Flexible Flyer PT Blaster

In addition to the traditional wood runner sled, Flexible Flyer also offers inflatable tubes, molded foam and racer sleds. This is no doubt due to the fact that the parent company, Paricon, offers a full line of snow sleds.

Samuel Leeds Allen patented the Flexible Flyer in 1889 but the company is now owned by Paricon. The Flexible Flyer was the first “steer-able” sled. Mr. Allen began making the sleds as a means of keeping his farm workers busy during the winter season. The company was sold a few times over the years before becoming part of the Paricon family.